What Should Be Considered When Renovating A House?

Many homeowners decide to renovate their homes due to visual decay, static problems, moisture damage, or outdated technical equipment such as heating and ventilation systems. But the rising energy costs and the increasing environmental pollution caused by CO2 mean that homeowners are grappling with the renovation of their house – because an aging house causes high operating and maintenance costs and loses value over the years.

What should I consider when renovating my house?

Refurbishing your home can help save valuable energy and costs. Above all, insulation measures and new windows and doors can save costs over the long term.

But there are a few things to consider before renovating a house:

  • First, calculate a realistic renovation budget – take into account the state subsidies that are available for energetic renovation measures.
  • Decide which area of ​​your house urgently needs modernization and what you can possibly push back. It is best to make a list of priorities.
  • Inquire whether modernization measures have already been carried out on your house in the past.
  • Check the fabric of your house. It may be advisable to carry out test drillings before the renovation project can start.
  • Draw up a schedule for the planned renovation.

Tip: If you are not a specialist, get professional support in planning your renovation. Numerous building experts make a realistic assessment of the upcoming renovation measures so that there are no unpleasant surprises later. Especially in the field of building services, there are z. B. constantly new developments. You can also get a specialist advisor to coordinate the trades and monitor the progress of the renovation. The costs used for this are definitely worth it.

Energy-efficient renovation saves costs in the long term

An energetic renovation will sustainably reduce the energy requirements of your house. For example, valuable energy can be saved by replacing an inefficient heating system.

The measures for an energetic renovation are diverse – from the roof or facade insulation to the renewal of windows and doors to the installation of the latest condensing technology, everything is feasible and sensible.

The advantages of such a renovation are obvious:

  • Protection of the environment and resources
  • Lower heating costs
  • Increase in property value
  • Improvement of the indoor climate
  • Mold prevention
  • State funding

Which remedial measures are pending?

Windows and doors

Single-glazed windows should be exchanged for multiple-glazed versions; on the one hand, they reduce heat loss and also offers pleasant sound insulation. Energy can also be saved by replacing the doors, as modern doors are characterized by a particularly high seal. So the heat stays in the room and cannot escape.

Facade and roof insulation

There is great potential for savings with facade and roof insulation since old houses usually have no thermal insulation, and a lot of energy is lost here. The latest thermal insulation composite systems ensure optimally insulated rooms with the highest level of living comfort and reduce heating costs enormously.

Heating system

In addition to gas and oil heating, there are many ways to heat a house. Pellet heating, for example, enables you to reduce fuel costs while heating in an environmentally friendly way. Renewing the entire heating system can be a very costly modernization measure and should be carefully considered. Be sure to consult a specialist advisor here.

Solar system

Modern photovoltaic systems on the roof convert sunlight into electricity. With the right size, roof pitch, and orientation, a solar system can produce enough electricity to heat the heating water almost free of charge, for example.

As you can see, the possibilities for a house renovation are diverse, time-consuming, and require high investments. Therefore, think carefully about which steps to take and when so that you can enjoy your four walls with a good feeling in the long term.

Feel free to speak to our energy consultants, who will support you at any time with your renovation measures.